The benefits of an energy audit for buyers, sellers

The benefits of an energy audit for buyers, sellers

It may be the best-kept secret in residential real estate: For a couple of hundred dollars, a potential buyer thinking about writing a contract on an existing house can ask for a formal energy audit along with the standard inspection clause.

That audit, in turn, can save the buyer thousands of dollars in future operating costs, and pinpoint the specific features of the house that need correction to improve efficiency.

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The Pre-Inspection Inspection

The Pre-Inspection Inspection

Every good buyer knows that once you are truly interested in a home you need to a have a thorough inspection done. This important step can keep you from making a big mistake or on the opposite hand give you some peace of mind about your purchase.

Did you know there are things you can look for, even as a novice, before an inspection, though, that can clue you into the health of a house? It’s true. Here are five things that all home buyers should be on the lookout for when viewing a home.

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Home inspections an essential tool for buyers

The Seattle Times: Home inspections an essential tool for buyers

A home inspection often means the difference between a sale and no sale, even if the deal that results isn’t exactly what the owner expected.

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